The usage of a mail order


About a printing price

The consumption tax and the mailing cost are not contained in the prices of the goods carried by the homepage of our company.
In the case of an order, it is a goods price + consumption tax. 5%+ mailing cost is the total amount of money of payment.

Example When HGL-1217 are purchased
10,000yen(goods price)+500yen(consumption tax of goods)+1,000yen(mailing cost) =11,500yen

In addition, the case of an order and small parts have in goods two or more cases where a mailing cost is different.
Although humiliated, please ask to Maki electrical machinery incorporated company.

I accept consultation of the estimate for Mr. [ company ] Please contact me to the Maki electrical machinery.
moreover Mail But it has heard. An estimated reply will be taken as the reply by facsimile in principle.


Order method

  1. Mail

    The telephone number and the payment method of of the brand name, the name, the address, and the contact of hope are indicated to mail.

    send to a lower address .

    In addition, even if 2 or 3 day will pass, when there is no reply of the from here, it is although it is not explanation.
    Please inform 044-222-6999.

  2. Facsimile

    The telephone number and the payment method of of the brand name, the name, the address, and the contact of hope are indicated to an order sheet.

    facsimile: -- send to 044-222-5849 .

    Order sheet (PDF formal 21k)

  3. Mailing

    Please send an order sheet to the Maki electrical machinery.
    In the case of registered mail, payment may send in an order sheet, price, and company.  

  4. Telephone

     Please telephone you to 044-222-6999. In addition, a name, the listening comprehension mistake of the address, etc.
    Since there is a certain case, I ask you to give an order in mail and facsimile as much as possible.


mailing cost

Transformer barter, directly under amplifier relation:1,000yen
Antenna: 1,500yen
In addition, a part relation: Mailing 90yen

In an order of . two or more goods with which the price exchange commission is not contained in the mailing cost, they are Okinawa and Hokkaido .

It is Maki although humiliated at price exchange by the case of the dispatch to which islands part, and mailing in hope.

Please ask to electrical machinery.


The payment method

In our company, the payment by registered mail, bank transfer, and cash on delivery is received.
Goods are in principle. Dispatch after payment It becomes.
In the case of price exchange, about a thing with stock, I ship promptly.


1.Registered Mail

After enclosing the memorandum and cash which wrote the brand name of hope, and the destination to the order sheet
Please send to the following address.
In addition, I ask you not to generate change.


26-1, Nisshin-cho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 210-0024

Maki electrical machinery incorporated company.

Order sheet (PDF formal 21k)

2. Bank Transfer

Transfer place
Yokohama credit bank (YOKOHAMASHINYOUKINKO)
Market branch (ICHIBASHITEN)

Temporary: 23666

Maki electrical machinery incorporated company (MAKIDENKIKABUSHIKIGAISHA)

If attached to a transfer commission, a visitor pays.


3. Price Exchange Parcel Delivery Service (YAMATO TRANSPORT)

In this case, the following price exchange commission starts. (According to mailing cost)

Notes: The handling by price exchange cannot be performed about goods parabolic antenna-related [ 70cm or more ].


Goods, a consumption tax, the
total amount of a mailing cost


Less than [ 10,000yen ]


From 10,000yen to 30,000yen


From 30,000yen to 100,000yen


From yen100,000 to 300,000yen


Please pay goods price and a commission to delivery contractors collectively in the case of a load receipt. the total amount the case where it exceeds 300,000 yen -- a mailing cost and C.O.D. -- a commission will be received by two


・If there is an unknown point again, please consult freely.
Even if I have mail of an inquiry sent, a reply may take time

The order from overseas is also received on condition that the following.

It pays and only transfer at :Japanese yen or US dollar, and Euro
Charges for remittance are required for the payment by US dollar and Euro. therefore, the Japanese yen
-- it pays and becomes higher.

Payment by the credit card cannot be performed. Dispatch of goods: Only dispatch by UPS
(it does not receive except it.)


○ The display based on Door-to-Door Sales Law




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